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A few people have asked me, as soon as they found out that the character was gay, they’re asking me: ‘What’s it like to kiss a guy? What’s it like to play a gay character?’ I was like: ‘I would have played him the same way if he were straight. There’s no difference.’ So, for me I didn’t feel like I was playing a gay character. I mean, what is playing a gay character? I just did what I did and I guess perception is for the rest of you, for everybody else. I do what I did. You can make whatever you want out of that. So, that’s how I did it.
Dan Feuerriegel (Agron)





I want a cat or person to do that to me.

The best is the bunny flopping down in next to it’s cat buddy. Those who don’t know: That isn’t a bunny lying down to go to sleep, that’s the bunny going HEY I LOVE YOU AND REALLY TRUST YOU AND YOU’RE ACE. Buns don’t get more relaxed than that :3

This is a hell of a lot of cute in one gifset!

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