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Damn My Over Active Muse!

All right, I’ve thrown in the towel! I have no less then 10 cross-over story ideas racing around my head and I have NO TIME to write them to completion at the moment. So, I’ve decided, I shall lay them out here and on livejournal for anyone to grab should they feel the need. I am keeping one for myself and will be slowly writing that over the next several months. I only have one request. If you take one to write, send me a link to where you post so I can see your work. I would love to see what other people come up with! ^_~.*

Good luck and Happy Writing!!

1.) The Walking Dead / Generation Kill Cross-Over
2.) The Walking Dead / AU Modern Spartacus Cross-Over
3.) The Walking Dead / Modern Magnificent Seven (I usually use the ATF Verse) Cross-Over
4.) Modern Magnificent Seven / Modern Spartacus Cross-Over
5.) The Sentinel / The Walking Dead Cross-Over
6.) The Sentinel / Modern Magnificent Seven Cross-Over
7.) Flashpoint / Modern Magnificent Seven Cross-Over
8.) Flashpoint / The Sentinel Cross-Over
9.) Numb3rs / The Sentinel Cross-Over

Kisses! ^_~.*

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